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A great mineral water is available

 in France


A resource with great future 

Have you the use of 170 Millions litres per annum of a natural mineral water coming from one of the purest springs in Europe next to a large 390,000ha natural park, the “Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne”. 


Further logistic advantage : its is located by one of the best communication network in central France.&xnbsp;

Are you willing to give your business a simple, safe and transparent asset thanks to this renewable reserve and thus increase its market stake? or alternatively only take a share in the project ?&xnbsp;

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The Auvergne nestling in the foothills of the impressive volcanic chain known as the "Chaine des Puys", in the front garden of the province of Auvergne and the Parc des Volcans, a nature conservation area covering 390,000hectares, is the Chancel estate. For centuries, the Auvergne has been known as France's water reservoir, due to its volcanic origin and the generous winter snowfalls. The Auvergne, so it is said, has a'fiery heart and a cool skin". The wealth and purity of its waters are unique worldwide.






 Positioning of Mineral Water

The marked purity of the springs of the Chancel ® estate has been known for more than 400 years. 
Early wells supplied the surrounding villages with water through clay brick pipelines existing still today.With the development of the new Chancel spring in 1987, one of the purest mineral water resources with a comparable capacity was discovered.

The registered trade mark - Chancel® - is simple, euphonious, easy to pronounce and memorise in most langages. 

The Chancel spring lies 3km off the nationale 9 and 10km from the A71 motorway, very near the main North-South / East-West crossing of the South of the Loire motorways ( as soon as the under construction Clermont-Ferrand / Bordeaux last part is finished ). It will be at equal distances from Geneva, Bordeaux, the Mediterrannean and Paris. 

It is easy to find qualified staff in the Auvergne, the French water tower. 

Chancel natural mineral water has every chance of becoming a largely consumed quality mineral water.





Prepare your coming


By car ...

Paris  A 71 : 3h30
Toulouse  A 75 : 4h
Bordeaux  N 89- A89 : 4h
Lyon A 72 : 2h

By plane ...


 Clermont-Ferrand - Aulnat International Airport


Numerous daily flights.

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SNCF Clermont-Ferrand station

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