For a mineral water bottler

Quality: exceptional largest market spectrum water, low mineralisation, extremely pure (neither bacteria nor nitrates). 

Geological protection : a 50m thick layer of clay keeps out any run off pollution. 

Authorised flow and reserves : 170 millions litres/per annum and it is a new site never exploited before and renewable.

Competitive :of top quality, its state of the art plant will allow to sell it at a lesser price.

Logistic : centrally located 20km from the main french North/South, East/West motorway crossing.      

The registered trade mark - Chancel ®  - is simple, euphonious, easy to pronounce and memorise in most langages. 


For a drinks producer ( for ex : beer, fruit juice, etc...)


Possibility to sell its own mineral water to his existing clients.


For supermarkets

Sell their own brand of mineral water making them  independant from the mineral water bottlers.


For a chain of organic and health shops
Add one of Europe’s purest mineral water to its range.
For a luxury brand, dress maker or perfume


Have its own top level mineral water.

The alternative:

Exploitation of the Chancel® mineral water spring


Acquisition or lease


It is quite possible and even welcome to envisage a mix of various categories.


1) The spring together with the authorisation to exploit granted by the Ministry of Health.


2) The registered trade mark and all the attached rights.


Also available:


3) Building sites and protection areas.


4) Engineering project for the bottling plant.



Questions, Applying

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