The marked purity of the springs of the Chancel estate has been known for more than 400 years.
Early wells supplied the surrounding villages with water through clay brick pipelines existing still today.With the development of the new Chancel spring in 1987, one of the purest mineral water resources with a comparable capacity was discovered.


This mineral water covers a 40-year filtration route through volcanic rock reaching down to a great depth. The Chancel spring bore crosses more than 50 meters of absolutely water-impenetrable clay and loam stratas which offer the spring natural protection from all environmental influences over a large region. 

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The last mineral water to be approved in the Auvergne since Volvic more than 35 years aso.

Following 6 years of extensive scientific study, Chancel water was recognised by the French Ministry of Health as Natural Mineral Water on 28 January 1993.
All analyses performed by the French National Health Laboratory and by the German FreseniusInstitute (March 1991) confirm the exceptional purity of the water, especially the absence of nitrate and the low sodium content.
The National Health Laboratory also highlights the outstanding bacteriological quality of the Chancel water and the absolute consistency of its chemical composition.


The artesian well yielding the Chancel water was drilled with meticulous care in 1987 to preservethe characteristics of its natural mineral water. 


The specific resistance, the temperature, the flow and the level of the water in the bore hole plus the oxygen content are checked and registered by an efficient measuring system. Immediately on emerging from the spring, the water is controlled for a consistently high, guaranteed quality.

NUTRITIONAL PHYSIOLOGY : The effect of Chancel® mineral water

Mean analysis value in mg/l.recorded by the French 
State Health Laboratory, Paris, I I 06 91.identical mean analysis values, Fresenius Institute, germany, 18 02 9l .


   Potassium 1,5
   Sodium 4,5
   Lithium <0,1
   Calcium 91
   Magnesium 2,6
   Iron 0,01
   Manganese 0,01
   Strontium 0,3
   Bicarbonate 255,6
   Nitrate 0
   Nitrite 0
   Chloride 2,9
   Fluoride 0,3
   Phosphate <0,1
   Sulphate 31

Solid residue from evaporation at 180oC

 288 mg/l  - pH 7 , 7



Fit healthty and well-balanced 

with Chancel ®


Balanced mineralisation offers great advantagesEnvironmental pollution, misgivings about the right diet and inadequate physical activity are
problems concerning us day by day Chancel mineral water contains all vital minerals and traceelements in balanced proportions.
Unlike many heavily mineralised waters, Chancel mineral water can be drunk every day without minerals such as salt entering the body in uncontrolled quantities or by chance. The body is given only that quantity of minerals actually needed. This may be of great significance in non-localised complaints.
A light, low salt, high-fiber diet with balanced sporting activity plus 1 .5 to 2 liters of Chancel® slightly mineralised water lead naturally to loss of weight and increased well-being in a body enloying good general health.

Results published by the Medical Faculty of the University of Clermont-Ferrand and
pharmacological-dynamic testing of the Chancel water commissioned by the National 
Acaderny of Medicine in Paris indicate exceptionnally beneficial characteristics from the aspect of nutritional physiology.
Extensive drinking tests were carried out on persons from varrous age-groups.
All of thern revealed a marked improvement in metabolic activity.

"I am what I drink"

The exceptionally high purity (nitrate-free,low sodium content) of the well-balanced, slightly
rnineralised Chancel mineral water makes it highly signihcant in the human organism, which has a ca.70% water content. Continuous replacement of this rvater with Chancel mineral water, which contains vital trace elements, purifies the system.

Being nitrate-free, Chancel mineral water is fundamentally suited to reducing the nitrate content
in the daily diet. In concrete terms : the risk associated with the daily intake of nitrate-polluted foods is reduced.

its low sodium content and the presence of vital trace elements make Chancel mineral water an ideal component in salt-free slimming diets in conjunction with physical activity.

Le Chancel mineral water supports the body's own detoxification mechanism in the excretion of uric acid and urea. Because the enhanced diuresis, the urine is more strongly diluted and the urinary tract better flushed out. This may be of special significance when there is a tendency for renal calculi to form.

Chancel mineral water is suitable for concomitant treatment of patients suffering from
hypertension. The development of hypertension and the associated cardiovascular diseases can be countered by drinking Chancel mineral water.